Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's about time to.....

Introduce the newest Dixon.

Taylor James Dixon
July 18, 2011
4:05 pm
 7 lbs 10 oz  20 1/2 in


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week by Week catch up

Many of you are probably wondering what happened to the Dixons.... We fell off the face of the earth.   No really life just gets busy when you are in school, working, and all that!  As a quick recap, we both finished a hard semester and did pretty well.  We also moved out of our apartment the day after finals.  Matt started his internship in Vegas, and I am busy working and living in Alpine.  We are both excited for the day our little boy gets here and Matt finishes his intern.  10 more weeks at the most!  Can't wait!

Other exciting news...
Nate and McKell were married on May 6th!  It was so wonderful to be surrounded by family in the sealing room at the temple! I am so excited for them!  The day was picture perfect and wonderful.  I don't think my brother could have found a more perfect bride, she is darling! 

And finally I wanted to catch up on the week by week postings.  I apologize, they are not quite as cute as before.  My personal Graphic Designer is a little busy with wedding photos and a new job!

Week 18
Morning Sickness (more like evening sickness) is finally wearing off.  Grandma & Grandpa Dixon came to visit!  Lots of studying, homework, and tests.  You are now the size of a Mango. :)  Mommy can't wait for strawberries to be in season.

Week 19
Official Ultrasound at Maternal Fetal Medicine.  Mommy and Daddy are excited that you are healthy so far!  We think you have a Dixon nose.  You were moving lots.  Mommy still doesn't look pregnant very much.

Week 20
Daddy felt you move for the first time. He was excited.  He yelled "That's my boy!" He was so proud!  Mommy and Daddy had 7 tests, projects, and lots of studying this week!  Somehow we made it through the week.  Mommy's belly is rounding!

Week 21
You still don't like chocolate. But you loved Maggie Moos Raspberry Sorbet!  You like to keep waking mommy up at night.  You have broken the one-pound mark!   Mommy peeked with the ultrasound again, you are a little thumb sucker!  You are still the cutest thing!

Week 22
BYU made it to the sweet 16 this year with Jimmer!  Many of your friends and family want to name you little Jimmer.  We will have to see about that.... You are now the size of a Papaya!  We celebrated Daddy's birthday this week. You got matching green ties!   Although it probably won't fit you until you are much older. 

Week 23
Not only can mommy feel you move, but see you move her belly!  We are more than half way there!  We are so so excited to meet you!   Some day we will decide on a name for you.   For now it has been fun for Mommy and Daddy to text names back and forth to each other thinking of you.

Week 24
We spent General Conference weekend in Alpine.  We were lucky enough to spend time with both families!Conference weekend is one of mommy's favorites.  We are so blessed to have prophets and apostles speak to us.  Mommy thought of you more than ever... she wants to be the mother you deserve.

Week 25
Mommy finally looks pregnant.... (picture coming).  Mommy and Daddy saw you in 3-D ultra sound this week!  Daddy may or may not have been a little weirded out, but mommy thought you were adorable.  Especially your little feet and toes!  We came home with a great picture of your little foot!  Dr. says you appear to be strong and healthy!  No more placenta previa and your kidneys look great.  Mommy and Daddy are excited about that!

Week 26
Mommy gained too much weight this week trying to survive through finals.  We had ice cream more than once. :)  You've also gained weight this week... in fact your weight has doubled!  Weighing in at 2 pounds!  Mommy also noticed that whenever she holds another little baby, you like to make sure you are noticed.  You give them a friendly little kick!

Week 27
We moved out of our first apartment.  Once daddy is done with his internship we will move into a place big enough for 3!  For  now Mommy moved in to Grandma's house & Daddy moved to Grandma Dixon's house.  Daddy starts his internship in Vegas on Monday!  We were able to celebrate Easter before daddy had to leave.

Week 28
When you kick near mommy's belly button, it takes her breath away.  Dr. says its probably a torn muscle from you growing.  Lots of wedding preparation activities this week.  You had the hiccups for the first time!  (well I guess as far as mommy could tell)  Mommy cried cus daddy wasn't there to feel them... he had left 30 min before to go back to Vegas.  But daddy felt them as soon as he got back later that week.  Kinda Silly!

Week 29
You have a new aunt today!  Nate and McKell got married!  It was a wonderful day! We are all so excited for them!  Mommy couldn't help but think of you getting married in the temple to a beautiful bride some day.
You weigh a woppin' 3 pounds now!  You love going for walks with mommy around beautiful Alpine!  Sometimes you get movin and grovin quite a bit! 

Week 30
Your Daddy surprised us with a visit for the weekend!  He bought us your favorite Raspberry Sorbet again!  He loves you so so much!  Mom is starting to wonder how you will continue to grow and still fit in her tummy.  Grandma and Mommy looked at cribs this week!  It has been raining non stop... who knows when we will be able to go for a nice walk again.  Hopefully soon!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 15

Little Update :)

Thanks for all the comments on the last post! I'm glad you haven't given up on me yet. ;) We are really excited! Life is still crazy with full time work, school, and juggling everything else.  It will be a miracle if we make it to July and get this baby here... or at least I feel like that sometimes, as I am sure all mommies do.  But we are thrilled to start a new chapter in our lives and couldn't be more excited!  :)

Monday, January 24, 2011