Monday, June 22, 2009

Joseph Smith Video

Back when Matt and I first started dating our freshman year, we went up to Salt Lake one night with a group of friends to see the new Joseph Smith video at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. It was fun to get out of Provo for a few hours. We went to temple square and walked around, but didn't walk around TOO much because it was January. (The Vegas boys didn't do well in the cold ;) Anyways, it was a memorable date.
I can't remember if we held hands or not during the video, but I CAN tell you that I felt so close to the spirit at that time. I KNEW that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet and restored the gospel in this dispensation. Not only did I know, but I could tell that Matt KNEW and had a powerful testimony of the truth that Joseph Smith restored. It was the first time I had seen him cry or get teary-eyed. And to be quite honest.... THAT was what attracted me most; His Testimony.
Well for Family Home Evening the other night, Matt decided to take me to the movie again. This time just the two of us. We stopped and ate dinner at Crown Burger before hand (which is one of my parent favorite restaurants in Salt Lake that they started going to when they were first married). Yummy! Then headed over to the memorial building. The video still tugs on my heart each time as I think of the sacrifices and hardship Joseph & Emma endured. I left teary-eyed again with a renewed testimony of the Restoration.

Afterwords we walked around temple square a bit and took a few pictures. Sorry they aren't the best.

The video, Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration, is an amazing video if you have not yet had a chance to see it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well its time for a new post!

Matt and I are busy working for the summer. I'm still at the OB/GYN and Matt works for We have enjoyed married life for 6 months now. Occasionally it feels like we are still playing house. Matt has been home from his mission a little over a year now, and had I gone I would have been home 3 months now! I know time flies when you are having fun.
We absolutely LOVE having time to spend with each other when we are not working. It is so wonderful to not have homework possesing our every minute!
We are so extremely blessed! We couldn't be happier! We are so very excited to spend time with our families at the Cabin and Lake Powell. I'm loving the summer so far. Boating, camping, visiting family, cabins, Lake Powell, fireworks, summer nights, swimming, receptions, BBQs, being outside, ... I love it all!

At Lance Smith's reception
His wife looked so beautiful!

10 things about Matt!

  1. Loves his wife very much!
  2. Misses his nieces & nephews and the rest of his family
  3. Enjoys Popsicle & Otter pops
  4. He Loves steak and A1!
  5. Frequently checks {no TV :( }
  6. Likes to work out at the gym
  7. Loves to watch movies with his wife!
  8. Really likes warm weather
  9. Favorite sport is Basketball
  10. Loves his wonderful family

Snuggling on our nice little couch after FHE one night!

10 things about Nanny! (Matt gave me this nick name when we first started dating)

1. Loves her Matt!
2. Can't get enough of her nieces and Nephews!
3. Favorite Candy is Reeses Pieces
4. LOVES ice cream (matt said to me the other day... I hope just for you, they have ice cream in heaven)
5. Loves to Work Out & wishes she could more often
6. In love w/ Purses & Shoes!
7. Has the best calling.... Primary Pres. (lol w/only nursery)
8. Is so excited for Lake Powell this summer!
9. Can't wait for Elder Nate to be home
10. Not only is blessed with the best family ever, she married into the most wonderful family of all time!

I Dip, you dip, We Dip!
I must say Matt is getting better at these.

Not quite sure what my arm is doing... I look dead!

Anyways, we are having the time of our lives! We are so in love. We can't wait to see what life has to offer us. We are so so very blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel in our lives and such wonderful families and friends. We love and thank you all!