Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last summer I was able to get a few tickets to Wicked on Broadway from one of the doctors I work for. He is a season pass holder to the Capital Theater in Salt Lake City so we were able to get discounted tickets before they opened up to the public! So before Matt and I were even engaged I bought 2 tickets hopeful that he would go with me! I had seen Wicked back in New York with my family back in 2006 and absolutely LOVED it. When I heard it was coming to Utah, I wanted to go. My mother and sisters also got tickets to go with us! So we waited and anticipated 8 long months to go see Wicked. I was so excited! Poor Matt had no idea what he was getting into and just kept saying "I hope I like it." lol

So last Thursday was the big day! We drove up to Salt Lake with plenty of time, so we decided to grab a bite to eat at Olive Garden across the street before he headed in.

This is a view from across the street.
(the Capital Theater is Much smaller than the theaters in New York, but oh well)
Just out side the door! Can't wait to see Glinda and Elphaba!

I thought our seats were pretty good. They were up on the balcony but close to the front and center! It was great! The sound just wasn't comparable to New York, but I really liked how close we felt to the stage. Galinda was amazing! She was so much more animated than I remember the last one being. She was so cute! Elphaba and Fiyero sang beautifully!

Anyways, here's a list of our favorites.
Mom's : "Popular"
Natalie's : "For Good"& "As Long As You're Mine"
Matt's : "Defying Gravity" & "For Good"
Ange's : "Popular"
Shay's : "Popular" & "Defying Gravity"
Emily's : "Defying Gravity" & "Popular"
Maurielle's : "For Good" & "Defying Gravity"

I absolutely loved it again! Matt really liked it as well! (with much relief and excitement from his wife!) I keep singing bits and pieces of it through out my day at work or school. :)


Sarah said...

o you are so lucky!! wicked is amazing. i am glad you had such a fun time! and that matt liked it. those pictures of the two of you are SO CUTE!! you are beautiful and you two look so happy!

The John Hollingshaus Family said...

That is the one show I have yet to see that I really want to. Hopefully in San Fran we will be able to go. Love the Pics and I am glad Matt liked it too. Love you guys.

The Randalls said...

I am so jealous! I want to go again soooo badly!!! By the way, I finally found your blog and am happy that you have joined the blogging world!!

Erin Camp said...

Never even heard the music to that one. Glad you had fun though!

sarah said...

I can't wait to see you!!!!
Next time take me!!!!!!!
Love Always,
Helen Margaret

Kelsey Shelley said...

YAY! A blog! You two are so cute! Keep posting!