Monday, March 23, 2009

So I have sat here looking at blogs for the past little while since I needed a break from studying, and decided I really should post something. I caught myself thinking, why don't others keep their blogs more updated. I've looked at the same post for over a month! Then I realized...mine is getting to be that old. Anyways, I will try to redeem myself with post #2.

It was another busy Monday for us. Matt gets home from work in 30 min and I can't wait. It is his birthday tomorrow and to be quite honest, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. He will no longer be younger than me! I tried to convince him one night six months ago that we should wait to be married after his birthday so we could be the same age. That didn't seem to work. For the next few months after that, he loved to point out that he is younger, more fit, and furthest from old age. After tomorrow I won't have to be older!

Another thing I have decided is that Matt and I need to take more pictures! I was looking to see if I could add a picture with this post (since everybody loves pictures) but we have taken none since we've been married. Anyways, I will post a pic of us with Matt's favorite youngest sister Helen!

We love you and can't wait to see you!


Erin Camp said...

Men die first anyway. And with all the steak Matt eats, you'll surely outlast him. Although, who would want to:) See you this weekend.

Erin Camp said...

(we would have called, but half of the kids don't have voices, so just imagine it in your head.)

The John Hollingshaus Family said...

So I would love a post on Natalie and how she is doing. Also we would love to know if Matt is applying for the accounting program. Just get used to it I am that annoying sister/sister in law who wants all the info. It comes from being isolated from my family for so long:)

sarah said...

umm excuse me. what about me?

Dixons said...

lol sarah i was waiting for that comment. Did you notice the youngEST sister? But don't worry you are the favorite youngER sister and helen is the favorite youngEST! And we absolutely LOVE you all! We wish we could have come down this last weekend.

steve said...

wow you guys need an update