Friday, November 12, 2010

Just a few

As I sit down to blog I think of all the things I am grateful for, but which deserves a full post.  I can't decide. If you truely know me... you'll know I'm a littttttttle indecisive.  (good thing I married a decision maker)
Thus I will list a few things....

My Matt

Knowledge of the Gospel


The darling children in my Primary! 
I have the best calling!

Insurance and the Job that provides it. 


Lake Powell

PS.  We went to Lake Powell last month!  It was a blast! Should I tell you about it?  Maybe in another post.


Sarah said...

i love your lake powell picture! i'm looking forward to your post about it. we love powell :) glad you are posting a little more often...i love reading about how you are doing. i'd love to get together one day and catch up too!

Angela said...

Oh, please do (post about Lake Powell)! I've missed seeing you here in the blogosphere!

The John Hollingshaus Family said...

See you in a couple weeks:)